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Chocolate-Making Equipment

Find out what tools you need to make chocolate at home, including chocolate machines, molds and other essential equipment.

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Chocolate-Making Tutorials

Learn to make chocolate with expert tutorials, from advanced bean-to-bar chocolate making and chocolatier techniques to easy tricks.

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Carob Chocolate

Learn all about this incredible yet under-appreciated chocolate alternative, and how to make your own carob at home.


Ready to dip into making your own chocolate from scratch? Making your own at home is satisfying, but requires patience and practice. Start your DIY chocolate making journey with these three articles, using techniques ranging from easy to advanced. View all Chocolate Making Tutorials here.

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how to make chocolate from cacao nibs

How to Make Chocolate From Cacao Nibs

Learn how to make chocolate from cacao nibs! Whether you’ve purchased some cacao nibs from the store or cracked your own from cacao beans, chocolatier Simon Knott explains how you can turn those bitter nibs into sweet delicious chocolate....

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Get in the Easter spirit with these DIY chocolate-making tutorials and treats that are perfect for gifting… or simply eating yourself!

Chocolate Tools & Equipment

To get professional results in your homemade chocolate, eventually you’ll need to invest in some specialist equipment. With a few good tools, you’ll be well on your way to crafting delicious bean-to-bar chocolate at home. These articles will help you work out what equipment is needed, and what they do. View all Chocolate Equipment articles.

DIY Chocolate Making Ingredients

High quality food starts with high quality ingredients, and chocolate is no exception . Learn about the ingredients that go into making exceptional chocolate, what they do, and how to choose the best quality ingredients for your chocolate-making and chocolatier projects. View all Chocolate Ingredient articles.

Making Carob Chocolate

Carob is a delicious, sustainable and vastly underrated alternative to chocolate. Gone are the days of chalky carob chocolates; carob treats today are sweet, indulgent and surprisingly healthy. Learn how to use carob to make your own carob chocolate sweets, with these articles. View all Carob Chocolate articles.

Chocolate vs Carob: How Do They Compare?

Wondering what the difference between chocolate vs carob is? Can you substitute carob for cacao? Chocolate expert Simon Knott compares chocolate and carob, with a focus on flavour profiles, processing, ingredients, nutrition and how...

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Meet the Chocolatiering Team


Ayla Marika


Ayla is a website producer, visual artist and graphic designer based in Australia, and author of the critically acclaimed graphic book ‘How Food is Made: An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced’.


Chef Prish

WRITER - Chocolate Expert

Chef Prish is a South African contemporary raw, vegan chef. Chef Prish co-founded Taiwan’s first contemporary raw, vegan restaurant (NAKEDFOOD), and co-founded online store VeganYumz.


Simon Knott

Writer - Chocolate Expert

Simon Knott studied a BSc Hons in Catering Management, Food Science, and Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University, and was awarded five Gold Great Taste Awards for his traditional fudge and chocolate products.


Elily Temam


Elily Temam is a food scientist based in Ethiopia. She holds a BSc in Food Science and Technology from Arsi University, has worked in the dairy industry, and runs the Telegram food channel EASY RECIPE.


We want to help you learn how to make chocolate yourself at home

Chocolatiering was born from a love for chocolate and environmentally sustainable practices. Everyone loves chocolate, but how chocolate is made and processed remains a secret to most. Founded by food writer and food activist Ayla Marika, and supported by her team of professional chocolate writers, Chocolatiering aims to demystify the chocolate making process, showing how you too can enjoy the art and craft of making chocolate at home using authentic techniques. By educating ourselves and taking back the power to grow, process and make chocolate ourselves, we can gradually help to dissolve unsustainable and unfair practices in the international chocolate trade.

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Chocolate tools, equipment & ingredients

Information on essential tools, equipment and supplies for making chocolate at home. Find out exactly what you need to make chocolate from bean-to-bar at home, as well as carry out chocolatier techniques such as tempering and molding. Includes articles on chocolate-making machineschocolatier tools and chocolate candy molds, and essential ingredients such as cacao pods, beans and powder, cacao butter, chocolate types and even cacao trees!

Chocolate Making Tutorials

Detailed instructions and tutorials to make your own chocolate at home using various methods, from easy tricks to advanced chocolate crafting techniques. Find out how to make chocolate from bean to bar, as well as easy hacks for making chocolate from cocoa power and nibs. Learn correct chocolatier techniques for chocolate tempering, melting and molding, and fix common chocolate issues such as blooming and seizing.


Known as St. John’s Bread for it’s life-sustaining and nutritious properties, carob is hugely underrated as an environmentally and culturally sustainable, as well as delicious, alternative to cacao chocolate.  Learn the joys of carob with articles on growing and processing carob pods at home, making your own homemade carob chocolates, and using carob for cooking, health and enjoyment.