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Learn how to make chocolate & craft chocolate-making techniques at home.

With detailed tutorials from skilled chocolate-makers and chocolatiers, we teach you how to make chocolate at home using authentic techniques.

At Chocolatiering, we aim to demystify the chocolate making process and make DIY chocolate craft available to anyone who wants to gain the skills and knowledge to do so. We also aim to introduce readers to carob making and appreciation, as both a complement to and substitute for conventional cacao sweets.

Why Chocolatiering?

Chocolatiering was born from a love for chocolate and environmentally sustainable practices. Everyone loves chocolate, but how chocolate is made and processed remains a secret to most. We hope to educate people about chocolate making and cocoa manufacturing, and promote the use of ethical and sustainable processes, ingredients and suppliers so that everyone – from growers to makers to consumers – can continue to enjoy and benefit from chocolate, cacao and cocoa products well into the future. By educating ourselves on how chocolate is made from bean-to-bar, developing an appreciation for craft chocolate and taking power to learn how to make chocolate ourselves, we can all gradually help to dissolve unsustainable and unfair practices in the international chocolate and cocoa industry.

Chocolatiering Team


Ayla Marika


Ayla Marika is a website producer, visual artist and graphic designer based in Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from Curtin University of Technology and an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations from Canberra Institute of Technology. Her interests include permaculture, implementing self-sufficiency strategies on her small hobby farm, music, cooking, brewing, plant medicine and food activism. She is the author and illustrator of the critically acclaimed Amazon bestseller book How Food is Made: An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced, and manager of Forssa Light Publishing.

How Food is Made: An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced

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Chef Prish

Contributor – Chocolate Expert

Prashantha Lachanna (aka Chef Prish) is a South African contemporary raw, vegan chef. After introducing the raw food concept in Taipei through a series of workshops and events, she co-founded Taiwan’s first contemporary raw, vegan restaurant, NAKEDFOOD, 2015 – 2018. NAKEDFOOD’s services also included designing and executing inventive pop-up events, corporate and wedding catering, culinary workshops, demos, and talks. Thereafter, in 2020, Chef Prish co-founded Vegan Yumz, an online vegan store. It is her intention to showcase vegan chocolate to a wider audience.

Vegan Yumz – Supporting your positive lifestyle choices

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Simon Knott

Contributor – Chocolate Expert

Simon Knott studied a BSc Hons in Catering Management, Food Science, and Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University and started writing in 2006, specialising in food and drink. He worked as Food & Drink Editor for two county magazines, interviewing chefs and local food producers. In 2010 Simon started a company making traditional fudges and chocolate products. The company quickly grew, supplying local outlets and Simon was awarded five Gold Great Taste Awards for his products. Simon recently completed a Diploma in Copywriting, and continues to write about food and drink, business and skiing.


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Elily Temam

Contributor – Food Scientist

Elily Temam is a food scientist based in Ethiopia, with a lifelong love for chocolate. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology from Arsi University, and is completing her Master’s in Food Science and Nutrition at Addis Ababa University. Elily has professional experience in the dairy industry, runs the Telegram food channel EASY RECIPE, and aspires to become a Chocolatier. She hopes to focus her future research onto global issues including food security, sustainable farming and post-harvest loss reduction. As well as chocolate, cooking and nutrition, Elily enjoys writing, dancing and learning new languages.

Easy Recipe on Telegram

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